World Day of Social Justice: February 20th, 2019


Social and Environmental justice are inseparable. Check out these inspirational films from the Festival archives - stories of people around the globe fighting for equity, equality, and the earth. 

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World Wetlands Day

Happy World Wetlands Day! Check out SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories from our film archives for a story that gives voice and humanity to the man-made messes created by coastal oil spills like BP. Have you heard about the ongoing Taylor Oil Spill? It's been leaking 10,000 to 30,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf. Every day. For 14 years. 

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February News & Events

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Lunar Eclipses, Oceanographers, and Wildfires

What do the moon, a famous oceanographer, and California mega-fires have in common? This January 20-21, 2019, we had a rare chance to reflect on where they all intersect. 


2018 Lunar Eclipse by Robin Hansen

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Ice, Ice, Maybe

Santa has a sleigh, but other air travel is extremely harmful to the ozone. This holiday season, consider ways that you can combat your carbon footprint and protect the Poles, both North and South

photo: Chasing Ice

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Women in Film & Environment

Social and environmental justice are inseparable.

Women and minorities are disproportionately affected by climate change, often because of social constructions that are deeply rooted in our societies around the globe. They are also essential to climate action and integral in finding solutions. 

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Growing the Green Movement

It's been a phenomenal year for the San Francisco Green Film Festival thanks to the help of our supporters.

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December News & Events

At the Festival, we use independent film as a powerful medium to educate, inspire, and activate. 

Take the opportunity this holiday season to share the green movement message with your loved ones. 

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Broadcast Media Coverage of Climate Change: Obstacles & Solutions

Broadcast coverage of climate change in recent years has not been devoted to telling the most critical stories. Complex issues are glossed over, reports are buried, and climate-talk is dominated by the Trump Administration. We must continue to fight to ensure that the truth is reaching the public by bringing fearless independent filmmakers from around the globe to share their crucial stories. 

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Things to Consider This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always controversial, from its problematic imperialist origins to its encouragement of national overconsumption. Rather than lament the holiday's flaws, we can use this opportunity to open up a dialogue about important issues like indigenous rights & environmental justice, conscious consumption, and food waste. 

We've gathered a collection of films from the Festival archives to get the conversation going with your friends and family this holiday season. 

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100 Years Since WWI: Films on the Environmental Impact of War

This Veterans Day, November 11, 2018, marks 100 years since World War I. In honor of this significant anniversary, we would like to share with you these powerful films from the Festival archives on the environmental impact of war. From the devastation of advancing warfare technology and threats to genetic diversity preservation to nuclear threats and satirical apocalyptic scenarios, there are many perspectives to consider and stories to be told. 

Photo: WWI Belgium, Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives: The Environmental Impact of War


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2018 November News & Events

This November marks a critical moment in time - a crossroads that is essential to the fate of our planet and all the people on it.

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Growing the global Green Film Network

Resist was the message echoing through the first Forum of Environmental Film Festivals held in Europe last month. 

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California Conservation: Indigenous Rights & the Yurok Tribe

We learned about the cultural conservation efforts of the Yurok Tribe in Wilder Than Wild: Fire, Forests, and the Future by Bay Area filmmakers Kevin White and Stephen Most. Find out more about the latest happenings surrounding this tribal culture.

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Indigenous People's Day

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

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October News & Events

The annual flagship Green Film Festival is all wrapped up, but we still have many green events that you'll love lined up this October! Check out some highlights from the Festival, see what some of the audiences and filmmakers had to say, and mark your calendars for upcoming encore and co-presented screenings. 

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It's a Wrap! 2018 Festival Wrap Up

It's a Wrap! Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2018 Green Film Festival.

This year's festival ended with the hope-inspiring sneak-peek screening of The Condor and The Eagle, September 13, after a week of over 60 new environmental films from around the globe, and 100 filmmakers and guest speakers, with expert panels and incredible audience discussions.

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2018 Festival Rundown

We're mid-way through this year's Festival, and we still have so many incredible programs to share with you. Here is a rundown of what's been happening so far at the Festival, and what you can expect coming up this week! 

Steiger Butte Singers and Drummers setting up before Symphony for Nature screening. Photo by Tommy Lau. 

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2018 Green Film Festival Opening Night

Green Film Festival is finally here! Green Film Fest 2018 kicks-off tonight, September 6th, with our Opening Night Premiere at the Castro Theatre. 7:30pm. 

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Festival Starts Next Week! Don't Miss These Highlights

The Festival is almost here! We are so excited for the amazing lineup of programs this year. 

Here are just a few of the film series you should keep an eye on. Tickets are limited, get yours now!

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