Fest Weekend: Award Winners

This weekend we were thrilled to present three of our six awards to filmmakers. And there are still more to come!

Landfill Harmonic winner of our Inspiring Lives Award (Wednesday, June 3, 6pm) & our Audience Award will be announced at the Closing Night Party.

More about 2015 SFGFF Award Winners.

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Last Night: Opening Night Reception & Premiere Bikes vs. Cars

Bikes were center stage at last night's Opening Reception & Premiere of the 5th San Francisco Green Film Festival.

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Green Arts at SF Green Film Fest 2015

You'll get a chance to explore all kinds of art at this year's San Francisco Green Film Festival.

We're bringing together green artists from across the Bay Area, including, fine artists, sculptors, designers, photographers and filmmakers who are inspired by the environment. 

You can see their work at our Opening Night Reception & Premiere and at FestHQ, 518 Valencia.


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Two wheels + One app = create your own climate effect

Bikes_vs_Cars_01_-_WEB.jpgImagine if cities around the world cycled as much as the residents in Copenhagen, where 40% of residents commute by bike. What would our cities look like, how much CO2 and oil would we save, if more of us commuted by bike every day?

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2015 Foodie Flicks

We love food. We love food that is in sync with the environment even more. At this year's Festival we bring you edible stories from backyards, oceans, fields and all the way to your plate.

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Deep In The Ocean at SF Green Film Fest

Dive alongside the whales in How to Change the World and the vanishing Manta rays in Racing Extinction and you'll soon be joining the characters in this year's ocean themed films that are rallying to save them.

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EPA recognizes Jean Hill, Divide in Concord

Congrats to Jean Hill, star of Divide in Concord, who has been recognized by the EPA at the 2015 Environmental Merit Awards ceremony.

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SFGFF Team & Their Bikes: Bike to Work Day!

Gemma.jpgThe SF Green Film Fest Team are big fans of two wheels and in celebration of SF Bay Area Bike to Work Day shared some of their favorite moments on a bicycle.

Left: Gemma cycling through Golden Gate Park. Below, clockwise: Axelle cycles over Golden Gate Bridge; Sadie and family on the road; Nelson's bike; Alina in the desert.

Look out for the bike themed films in this year's Festival with Opening Night film Bikes vs. Cars, May 28, and SF film Oak & Scott: Pausing at High Speed in our Changing Cities Program on May 31.

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What About Water?

What_About_Water_01_-_WEB.jpgFor drought-stricken California, What About Water? should be the big question on everyone's mind.

It is also the apt title of one Festival film - part of a group of films that all give us a stark new perspective on our relationship with water.

In the case of What About Water? (May 31) we get the point of view of people in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point as we face up to what it means to live with less water.

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Bay Area Filmmakers at SFGFF

We're thrilled to support the dynamic environmental filmmakers based here is the Bay Area. At the 5th San Francisco Green Film Festival, one in three of the films are from the Bay Area, bringing us green stories from close to home and far away. 

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Lights, Camera, Action & Storytelling

Fighting the "squirrel syndrome"

One of the daily struggles we all have is how to spread the environmental message in a way that inspires and galvanizes support.

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2015 Schools and the Festival

We want to inspire more local students to pick up a camera, share their story and become environmental leaders. There are already hundreds of you doing it and we want to get your work on the big screen and share the Festival with all of you.

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Road to Paris - Climate Change at SFGFF

We're on the brink of getting a meaningful global climate commitment with the climate change talks at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris this December. To set us on the Road to Paris, at the Festival we will have films about people on the frontline of climate change reality and action.

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2015 Festival Program Announcement

Explore the exciting line-up of environmental films and discussions at the 5th Annual SF Green Film Festival, May 28 - June 3. 

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Behind the Scenes: Christopher Beaver


We're always excited to meet filmmakers that are new to the Festival this year and to get a glimpse behind the scenes filming with our directors.

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April News, Screenings & Events

The Festival is on the horizon and we're excited to announce our 2015 Festival theme will be Changing Cities.

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Behind the Scenes: Filmmaker Gail Mallimson

Gail MallimsonWe're always excited to meet filmmakers that are new to the Festival this year and to get a glimpse behind the scenes filming with our directors.

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Nearly there - together we can meet our goal!

Opening_Night_DamNation_sm.jpgYour support brought the most dedicated and downright daring environmental filmmakers to San Francisco last year.

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Exclusive: Festival Theme Announced


For the 2015 San Francisco Green Film Festival we're excited to announce the theme will be Changing Cities.

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How did SF Green Film Fest inspire you?

Together we've seen over 200 environmental film programs over the past five years. Everyone of them stands out for that moment when there's a green spark, a connection, an idea. 

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