Happy America Recycles Day

I've always considered myself pretty green.

I try and shop responsibly, I cycle or walk when I can, and I recycle. But I'm guilty of taking the easy road sometimes when it comes to recycling items I'm not sure about - I currently have four mobile phones collecting dust in a drawer because I haven't found the time to look up where I can take them.


For anyone in a similar boat I have a time-saving solution! Yesterday was America Recycles Day and the people behind it have published a nifty map which shows local recycling centers for items like refrigerators, printers - and my mobile phones.

Phones aside, I can't be the only one who thinks the excess of packaging wrapped around gadgets, food and almost everything we buy is not doing our environment any favors. Change is needed.

Film can be a powerful tool to get those changes rolling and there's still time to submit your film to next year’s festival.

Not a filmmaker but still want to get involved? There's still time to get your entry in to our Climate Action Film Contest. Wherever you are, we want to hear your climate action story. Fill out an Entry Form here and check out our How To Guide on creating short films if you need some tips.

Recycling is just the start of it, there’s inspiration all round the city – from the way people travel about, to local developments in renewable energy.

Have a look into our archives for more inspiration: 2015 Festival favorite Racing to Zero goes behind the scenes of San Francisco’s ambition to have zero waste by 2020 and presents a blueprint for change across America. The city already recycles, composts and reuses a huge 80% of its garbage but there’s still more to do. Meet the inventive & enthusiastic characters across the city who are turning trash into resources.