An intimate portrait of these magnificent sea birds on Midway Island in the North Pacific Ocean.


Chris Jordan





Running Time

97 mins 


SFGFF Film Program: 

Green Film Fest Screening - June 6, 2018

World Oceans Day screening:

“A love story for our time from the heart of the Pacific.”

ALBATROSS explores the beauty and tragedy in the cycles of birth, life, and death of creatures that live in the middle of the ocean on Midway Island, thousands of miles away from the nearest continent. Director Chris Jordan describes the motivations of the Midway Project as a drive to “convey the intensely vivid sensual, emotional, and spiritual experience of being with [the birds] on the island.” The intimacy of the birds’ nurturing, poetic and cyclical lives is starkly contrasted by the shocking images portraying the devastation of the effects of an unhealthy ocean.