A Dangerous Game

Rapacious developers are using golf as a smokescreen to build massive luxury resorts that end up costing the earth.


Anthony Baxter





Running Time

102 mins 

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SFGFF Film Program:

SF Green Film Festival Screening: May 30, 2015.


A Dangerous Game is the explosive documentary from filmmaker and investigative journalist Anthony Baxter (You've Been Trumped - Winner, Best Feature at SFGFF 2012), which examines the eco-impact of luxury golfs resorts around the world.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Alec Baldwin, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Donald Trump, the film takes viewers on a globe-spanning journey to a World Heritage site in Croatia; the extravagant desert city of Dubai; the explosion of new but supposedly illegal courses in China; and back to the filmmaker's native Scotland, where Donal Trump continues his controversial building.

DISCUSSION WITH:Anthony Baxter, director