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The San Francisco Green Film Festival is the USA West Coast's leading event for films & discussions that spark green ideas and actions. We are dedicated to sharing stories from the environmental front-lines that inspire, inform, and ignite change.



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About Us

San Francisco Green Film Festival is a non-profit organization committed to using the power of film to bring audiences into the global conversation on environmental solutions.

Our annual Festival has grown to be the West Coast’s leading environmental arts program, attracting bold filmmakers and highly engaged audiences every year. We curate compelling discussions with thought leaders, innovators, and world-class storytellers, using the power of film to inspire, inform, and ignite change. As we approach our 10th Anniversary in 2020, we are expanding our reputation as a leading force for environmental justice, strengthening communities, and growing the green movement.

Our signature program is the annual Green Film Fest in September, and we also screen films and support filmmakers throughout the year, connecting thousands of people through our core programs:

  • Curating Compelling Film Programs
  • Building Eco-Savvy Communities
  • Taking Environmental Action
  • Supporting Independent Filmmakers
  • Cultivating Youth Engagement

SFGFF has a broad network of local and international partnerships, including the United Nations Environment Programme, the Green Film Network, and World Bank’s Connect4Climate Initiative, in addition to the London Green Film Festival.

The 9th Annual Green Film Festival, September 2019, featured 58 new environmental films from around the globe, 70+ filmmakers and guest speakers, expert panels, and incredible audience discussions. The Festival began with a spectacular Opening Night at Castro Theatre, and also featured programs at Roxie, 518 Valencia, Exploratorium, and Swissnex.


Want to know more about the annual Festival? Check out our Festival FAQ.

Our Mission

San Francisco Green Film Festival is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and connect communities through forward-thinking programs of environmental films, dialogues, and action opportunities.

We aim to

  • educate and inform the public about environmental threats and solutions by opening up high quality, relevant, and factually accurate films from around the globe.
  • create transformative arts experiences for individuals to absorb current environmental realities and envision our possible futures.
  • build collective power for environmental causes by bringing together diverse people and communities to make connections and share ideas and actions.
  • grow diversity and inclusivity in the environmental movement by designing programs that are inviting, affordable, and accessible to everyone.
  • effect environmental justice through programs that motivate audiences to change attitudes, behaviors, and government and corporate practices.

Our Story

The seed for SFGFF was planted by founder Rachel Caplan, who has worked in film exhibition for over 20 years including film festivals in the USA and Europe.

Rachel is passionate about film as the spark for environmental ideas and action. There were several audience experiences in 2007-09 that led her to launch the festival. These film screenings – An Inconvenient Truth, The Age of Stupid, The Cove – were about more than watching a movie: people were excited about getting together, sharing the stories on screen and talking about pressing environmental issues. In 2010, Rachel created the Green Film Fest to fill this need to bring communities together to share urgent environmental stories in the city that's at the forefront of both independent film and the global green movement.

Since the first-ever Opening Night screening of Bag It in 2011, Green Film Fest has shown time and again that films are powerful vehicles for spreading knowledge, opening debate, and galvanizing action. Over 355 programs and 660 films later, we’ve honed the power of that “a-ha!” moment – when the credits roll, the lights come up, and the audience member feels moved and motivated for what comes next. Working with filmmakers, environmental experts, and campaigners, we are creating programs that bring us together to spark ideas for a better world.

Now, the SF Green Film Festival is proud to be a member of the Green Film Network of 41 international environmental film festivals, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme. This global initiative represents a further step in the collaboration with the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system, and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.


Closing Night at the Roxie

Our Programs

SFGFF has four core programs to achieve our mission:

1. Curated Film Series
2. Green Connect Program
3. Filmmaker Development Program
4. Youth Program


1. Curated Film Series

We create relevant & compelling film events that engage San Francisco Bay Area audiences in the global conversation on what it means to live sustainably.

Our annual Film Festival and ongoing Community Screenings reach many thousands of people each year:

Since 2011, we have produced over 315 environmental film events with 600 films for SF Bay Area audiences. 1 in 3 of our events are free to the public.

Our signature program, the annual Green Film Fest, brings 70 new environmental documentaries and over 100 filmmakers and environmental experts to over 4,000 people. Our venues across the city include the Castro Theatre, Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center, YBCA, Roxie, Eric Quezada Center for Culture & Politics, and SF Public Libraries. 

Year-round we present a number of events with partners across the SF Bay Area, including our Encore Series and Science on Screen. 


2. Green Connect Program

We build connections between audiences and ideas, communities, campaigns and causes - as a catalyst to inspire attendees to take action, to change attitudes, behaviors, and government & corporate practices. 

At every screening, our Green Connect program provides a way to help people find their environmental passion, hook on and take action.

Working with filmmakers and our non-profit community partners, we connect people with the ideas in the film and opportunities to get involved.

The program involves talks and sessions on the issues; directing people to our Take Action! community resources; and giving people a chance to share their Green Pledge on postcards, online or on video with Green Speak Out.

3. Filmmaker Development Program

We give local, national and international filmmakers the opportunity to screen new works in the San Francisco Bay Area and increase the impact of their stories. 

We want to provide a participatory space for this network of documentary film professionals to thrive.

Each year we honor films and filmmakers with our Green Film Fest Awards, which gives winners additional industry recognition for their work.

We have two specific programs to support filmmakers in telling their environmental stories: First Cut: Works-In-Progress; and Filmmaker Residency. Each year we will strive for a dynamic and diverse program of films and we give particular consideration to female filmmakers and Northern Californian filmmakers.

Through the international Green Film Network, we connect our filmmakers with festivals and film professionals around the world.

Our events are designed with the filmmaking community in mind - especially our Impact Film events - which include panels, workshops, and networking sessions on the latest ideas in social impact documentary filmmaking.

Youth Filmmakers at Roxie


4. Youth Program

We give young people access to green films & filmmaking in order to inspire the next generation of environmental advocates and filmmakers.

We want young people to have an opportunity to share their environmental passions and stories.

Every year we encourage students age 18 and under to submit their films to Green Film Fest, with the added incentive of submitting for free.

Our Young Filmmaker Competition is a juried contest for filmmakers age 18 and under. Finalists are shown during the Festival. Our Young Filmmaker Award honors one of the finalists and invites them to accept their award at a public event. 

Our Youth Ticket Fund gives young people in the San Francisco Bay Area an opportunity to participate in Green Film Fest events for free. In 2018, all young people age 18 & under or with student ID can attend programs for free. We issued 689 free youth tickets at the 2019 Festival. 

We work with The Mix/Teen Digital Center at San Francisco Public Library to produce Youth Filmmaker Workshops for green documentary making Reel Stories. Young people learn how to write, edit and shoot a film, and present it to an audience at Green Film Fest.


Green Pledge at Festival

Our Impact

2019 Green Film Fest Wrap Report 

2019 Green Film Fest Wrap Report

Audiences, filmmakers, non-profits, and environmental thought-leaders from around the world gathered in San Francisco September 24th - 29th to discuss critical current issues related to the global climate crisis. Bold, compelling stories illuminated the realities of this crisis, and motivated audiences to take action.

Past Annual Reports and Green Film Fest Wrap Reports:

What People Are Saying

Here's how we think about the impact of our programs:

  • CURATED FILM SERIES IMPACT: After participating in SFGFF events, audiences are more aware of these environmental stories and the filmmakers' work.

Since 2011, we've produced over 315 environmental programs with almost 600 films, bringing together over 800 guest filmmakers, environmental leaders, artists & more than 33,000 SF Bay Area residents. And we're always charting reactions from our community. In 2018, 91% of attendees rated the programs as good or excellent.

Our audience has grown year-on-year. At Green Film Fest 2018, there were 4,800 audience members.

To help stay accessible to a diverse audience, tickets at every paid event are free for youth, schools, youth organizations, and non-profit partners. We issued 871 free youth tickets at the 2018 Festival. We also have free screenings at the SF Public Library as part of our Green Stacks Program. 

Our film curation is guided by the principle of presenting a diversity of perspectives from all over the world. At the Green Film Fest 2018, films were shown from 20 countries, and 69% of feature films had women directors. 

Roxie audience

  • GREEN CONNECT IMPACT: After participating in a SFGFF event, audiences are:
    - more aware of the environmental issues raised in the film and the context of these issues in the SF Bay Area; 
    - ready for action! Taking steps such as seeking additional information and sharing the issues with other people;
    - engaging in new behavior such as a lifestyle change, increased donations, volunteering with the Festival or a community partner.

We have 6 themes for people to learn more and take action, we work with over 70 non-profit community partners to inspire environmental change through their unique perspective.

88% of attendees at Green Film Fest 2018 said they have been inspired to take action or change something. We also collect feedback from all our stakeholders in these testimonials.

People at Green Film Fest 2018 shared what they have learned and plan to do next by making a Green Pledge on our postcards or a video reaction on Green Speak Out.

We keep track of stories that tell the Bigger Picture - events that capture the long-tail impact of our film screenings as we plug into wider issues here in the SF Bay Area and around the world.

Filmmaker Award

  • FILMMAKER IMPACT: After participating in a SFGFF event filmmakers are more connected to San Francisco Bay Area audiences and partners.

We've supported the work of over 500 filmmakers in sharing their films and making connections, including programs at our annual Green Film Fest, year-round community events, filmmaker residency, and work-in-progress screenings.

Every year we celebrate & promote our films and filmmakers with the Green Film Fest Awards, selecting our choice for Best Feature; Best Short; Inspiring Lives; Green Tenacity; Audience Award; Young Filmmaker Award; and the Green Fire Award - a juried award with $1,000 cash prize.

We work with filmmakers to provide them the greatest exposure possible. The Festival is an opportunity to connect filmmakers with local press, film industry, and environmental organizations in the SF Bay Area.

Young Filmmakers

  • YOUTH IMPACT: After participating in SFGFF events, young people are:
    - more aware of these environmental stories and the filmmakers' work;
    - more aware of the environmental issues raised in the film and the context of these issues in the San Francisco Bay Area;
    - more connected to SF Bay Area audiences and partners;
    - inspired to pick up a camera and tell their own stories.

Every year, we support local film contests for aspiring environmental filmmakers and showcase young filmmakers at Green Film Fest.

At Green Film Fest 2018 we provided almost 900 complimentary tickets for students to attend films, with over 300 student attendees at our first ever Youth Program. 


Green Bikes

Greening the Festival

An important aspect of all San Francisco Green Film Festival programs is that the events themselves are green and strive to be zero waste events. Through green choices, we show guests that a fun event can also have a lower impact on the environment.

Venue Selection 

When considering venues for SFGFF events, the relative location to public transportation is a factor. This includes:

  • Public Transportation: BART, MUNI, CalTrain
  • Bicycling: Market Street/Embarcadero green bicycle lane, bike parking
  • Walking: Local restaurants and amenities within walking distance

Special Events

We all love a party! Our team works hard to ensure that our social events have minimum environmental impact. These are the rules we live by:

  • Local & sustainable: Food, beer, wine & spirits are provided by local, green-minded vendors (see full list here). All catering is vegetarian/vegan, further reducing our carbon footprint.
  • No new purchases: For decor, we use rented or recycled items.
  • Plastic-free! No plastic serving ware or utensils are allowed, and absolutely no single-use plastics. Everything must be 100% biodegradable.
  • Zero landfill: everything must be either composted or recycled.
  • Zero food waste: leftover food is taken home by team members or donated locally.
  • No bottled water: Water stations are provided with delicious tap water.

None of this would be possible without a well-informed volunteer corps, enthusiastic to support our greening efforts and assist vendors and guests. 

Marketing Materials

We keep our use of paper materials to a minimum. Where we do have to have these, they are printed locally using recycled paper and soy-based inks. Our 2018 Festival program guide was one sheet (!) of paper without any glue or staples. Materials such as guest passes, signage and décor are reused from one year to the next. For example, printing Festival vinyl banners without specific dates means they are evergreen and can be reused each year.

We encourage sponsors & partners to spread their messages through our electronic materials and on-screen at the events to reduce the need for paper promotional materials. For example, our Take Action slides on the big screen at every event give practical ways to get involved with the films and the work of our partners, eliminating the need for paper handouts and petitions.

Green Award

Festival Awards

Our unique Filmmaker Awards are 3-D printed locally using green, non-toxic and biodegradable materials, such as PLA and recycled wood.

Guest Travel

Our filmmaker guests stay at stylish green hotels, including the Argonaut Hotel, the Orchard Hotel and Orchard Garden Hotel , the first hotel in the US to receive the prominent LEED-EB O&M Gold certification, and only hotel in SF to use solar panels.

Guests are transported in shared shuttle from SFO and given a complimentary MUNI public transit pass for all their travels around the City.

Digital Films

We use a digital film entry process, eliminating the need for paper forms, DVD materials, and entry shipping. Each year we receive 500+ films entries electronically, and our 30-person screening committee does all viewing and reviewing entirely online.

This extends to our film screenings where, whenever possible, we project digital versions of the films. This removes the need for toxic celluloid or other film materials and the heavy carbon footprint of shipping films around the world (A film print is usually shipped on six to eight reels in two cans and weighs 50 to 80 pounds).

Festival Office

The Festival office implements many green practices:

  • The Festival core team commutes to the office using public transit, walking, or working remotely.
  • The Festival office is in a green building with natural lighting, CFL/LED light bulbs, low flow toilets, low VOC paint etc.
  • When possible, furnishings are second-hand or donated.
  • We use energy efficiency certified appliances, such as printers.
  • SFGFF uses certified green suppliers and vendors, including New Resource Bank, Dharma Merchant Services, Western Web, Good Green Moving, and Blue Heron Catering.
  • The office has used only 2 reams of recycled paper in the past 12 months, which we source from green suppliers. Don’t forget to print double-sided!
  • We take many measures to be a paper-free office. For example, using paperless processes for electronic surveys, film submissions and judging, volunteer applications, event invitations, ticket sales, as well as creating paperless presentations and reports.
  • All serving-ware is reusable or compostable, no disposables/single-use plastic.
  • We have large pitchers of tap water for our water station.
  • We grow some greenery too – our office has lovely plants, including a banana tree!

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Photos by Pamela Gentile and Tommy Lau.