Seven reasons we love the Roxie Theater

It's brash, it's brave and more than a little bit crazy but the Roxie Theater has been a part of the city for a century. The San Francisco Green Film Festival is taking over from May 30 to June 4, and this is why we love the Roxie.

love film from tumblr

Some of the staff's favorite things. Source: Roxie Tumblr.

1. They really really really love film. The Roxie will take a chance on films that are risky financially (and sometimes legally) because you deserve to see the world's best independent films. The management's love of film is contagious.

2. It's a nonprofit. You can eat stale popcorn at a suburban multiplex with school kids kicking the back of your chair ... or you can see life-changing film at the Roxie and fund an organization whose only role is to provide independent film.

outside sibz instagram from roxie fbThe iconic Roxie Sign. Source: Roxie Facebook

3. It's absolutely freaking gorgeous. Going to the Roxie is like visiting your grandma's house, if she was a Woodstock veteran with an interest in fishnet stockings that belied her advanced age. Everything is old, cared for and a little bit kinky.

4. It has integrity. The Roxie has changed names and charter many times but it has never been ashamed of its role as entertainer. And it has always been willing to give the people what they want.

Roxie Theater BoxSource: Amal Mongia, Facebook.

5. The Ticket Box is adorable. The Roxie's ticket box is one of a kind. Even when the fortune teller isn't in it.

6. We have to love it or John Waters will hurt us. The inimitable cult director shares his love for the theater in his save-the-Roxie appeal in 2012. (Warning: Video has some naughty words.)

puppies from fb

The theater goes to the dogs. Source: Roxie Facebook.

7. It's a beacon for fans of independent film. But really, the best thing about the Roxie is the people who go there. San Francisco is a film-mad city, and nowhere are people more passionate and engaged than when the lights go down at this little theater.


By Lyndal Cairns, SFGFF Team and

The San Francisco Green Film Festival runs at the Roxie Theater from May 30-June 4, 2014. With the Festival Opening Night at the Aquarium of the Bay, May 29. Watch the previews and we look forward to seeing you there! Tickets & Full Program.