POSTPONED - SFGFF Co-Presents: CineMare Film Program at Int'l Ocean Film Festival

Out of an abundance of caution, the International Ocean Film Festival has made the extremely difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Film Festival scheduled for March 12-15 in San Francisco due to the current status of the COVID-19 virus.

Join us at the International Ocean Film Festival for a stunning shorts showcase about our oceans on Thursday, March 12th - presented by SFGFF's Green Film Network partners CineMare in Kiel, Germany. A dynamic medley of artistic styles illustrate some of the most interesting and mysterious aspects about our world's deepest spaces. 

Thursday, March 12  ::  4pm-6pm

Cowell Theater  ::  2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123

Presented by CineMare International Ocean Film Festival
Kiel, Germany (San Francisco's sister city)


Under the Sea (Paula Shwabe, Germany, 1 min.) 

Black ink flows and seeps into sinuous lines that form jellyfish, rays, sharks, whales, and finally the hooded eye of a man as the ink turns deathly red. Image and music carry the message with elegiac grace. - SJPH


The Beauty (Pascal Schelbli, Germany, 4 min.) 

An invitation to dive into the ocean and see a make-believe (Digital VFX Animation) underwater world where the evolution of plastic pollution is something other than what we know is true. - ST

Tassy (Sarah Niemann, Germany, 8 min.) 

In the slowly changing male-dominated sport of surfing, young women like UK pro surfer Tassy Swallow are proving that persistent passion and camaraderie with the boys brings all surfers together to enjoy the waves - and be an inspiration for the younger Surf Ratz she teaches. - AB


All Inclusive (Corina Schwingruber Ilić, Switzerland, 10 min.)

A floating city in the middle of the ocean where all walks of life are packed in a confined space to fulfill everyone's desires. This film might make you think twice about taking a cruise vacation. From beauty contests to zip lining to dance parties, it depicts the ultimate form of our consumer culture in a comical, yet cynical way. - YI

Norway's Magical Fjords (Jan Haft, Germany, 52 min.)

Norway is home to many fjords, some as long as 120 miles and over 3,000 feet deep. They host a rich and colorful community of underwater creatures, from the smallest jellyfish to humpback whales. One of the driving forces of this ecosystem is the billions of herring that enter the fjords each year. Creatures at every level of the food chain use the herring to survive. - IS



Film synopses provided by the International Ocean Film Festival.

March 12, 2020 at 4:00pm - 6pm
Cowell Theater
2 Marina Blvd
San Francisco , CA 94123
United States
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