Indigenous People's Day

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Indigenous Emergence & Environmental Justice

Some of the environment’s strongest and most tenacious advocates are indigenous peoples around the globe.

Indigenous leadership and climate justice spanned throughout Green Film Fest 2018, with guests including Madonna Thunder Hawk, leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM), the Steiger Butte singers and drummers of the Klamath Tribe, and dozens of indigenous activists from The Condor and the Eagle.

Green Film Fest 2018 also marched in the international RISE for Climate, Jobs, and Justice, organized by indigenous environmentalists around the globe to display the growing strength and diversity of the climate movement, and to demand change.

It's also the 50th Anniversary of the American Indian Movement.

If you missed the GFF screening on September 8th, WARRIOR WOMEN with Madonna Thunder Hawk is celebrating with a special screening tonight at Roxie.

Check it out:



Photo credits: Tommy Lau & Pamela Gentile