2018 Spotlight on Filmmakers: Wilder Than Wild Directors Kevin White and Stephen Most

Check out Green Film Fest's new podcast! In this episode, GFF interviews the directors of Wilder Than Wild, an official selection of the 2018 Festival program by Bay Area filmmakers Kevin White and Stephen Most about the last five years of severe California wildfires. 

"We are experiencing now the fires of the future.” - CAL FIRE Chief Ken Pimlott.

This Spotlight on Filmmakers podcast series is created by GFF communications assistant Michael Garfagnoli. 

“Wildfires are a part of our ecosystem. All of our forests and all of our wildland urban areas all evolved with wildfires. We’ve taken an element out of these ecosystems.” - Kevin White

Wilder than Wild reveals how fire suppression and climate change have exposed Western forests to large, high severity wildfires, while greenhouse gases released from these fires contribute to global warming.

This vicious cycle jeopardizes our forests and affects us all with extreme weather and more wildfires, some of which are now entering highly populated wildland-urban areas. There is much at stake. Landscapes that store water and carbon, produce oxygen, and feed and shelter a diversity of wildlife are at risk.

Along the way, we learn how the proactive use of prescribed fire can reduce reliance on reactive fire suppression, we see a California tribe renew their tradition of cultural fire, and we meet stakeholder groups working with scientists and resource managers to build consensus on how to restore and manage the lands we love and depend on.

“There are no fire seasons anymore, it’s a fire year.” - Stephen Most

Expected guests for the Green Film Festival screening on Saturday, September 8: Directors Stephen Most and Kevin White; film’s subject Elizabeth Azzuz of the Yurok Tribe; Kelly Martin, Chief of Fire & Aviation Management, Yosemite National Park; subjects from the film. 

Tickets on sale August 2! Check out the official film website

Stephen Most (left) and Kevin White (right)

Stephen Most is an author, playwright, and filmmaker. He has writing credits on four Academy Award-nominated and five Emmy-winning documentaries. His works include a book, a film, and three plays about the Klamath Basin. In Stories Make the World: Reflections on Storytelling and the Art of the Documentary he shows how subjects in the world can be depicted as stories for the screen.

Kevin White is an award-winning producer, director, writer who has worked in media since 1982. In 1984 he founded Full Frame Productions, and in 1988 he created the non-profit Filmmakers Collaborative SF with Michal Aviad. His films have been screened at the Berlin Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival, Hot Springs Film Festival, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, the International Wildlife Film Festival, and many others. His work has received multiple awards including Emmys, CINE Golden Eagles, ACE Awards and many others, while also being broadcast on PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, Bravo, and ABC.