2018 Big Nights

Opening Night: Into the Okavango 

7:30pm :: Opening Night Premiere

As the Earth’s truly pristine expanses disappear more and more each day, the Okavango Delta remains an Edenic oasis with an abundance of animal species roaming its air, water, and land. But despite the spectacular sights of African elephants splashing in the river, rarely seen birds soaring above, and wildebeest migrating across its grassy expanses, the Okavango river basin—which provides water to more than one million people—is under dire threat.

Enter Dr. Steve Boyes and a team of international scientists, photographers, filmmakers, and African guides, who have made it their mission to track the cause—or causes—of the threats to the Okavango Delta’s source waters and to determine how they can protect the river basin before it gets any worse. In an epic four-month journey down the Okavango Delta’s source rivers—beginning in Angola, venturing into Namibia, and, finally, emptying into the Delta in Botswana—the team faces a series of unforeseen trials—including a terrifying run-in with a territorial hippopotamus. Director Neil Gelinas uses his extensive background working with National Geographic and filming in the wild to bring audiences a stunningly photographed tale of passion and conservation. ~ Tribeca

Expected guest: Neil Gelinas

5:30pm :: Opening Night Reception

Join us before the screening on the Castro Mezzanine to meet Festival filmmakers and special guests to kick-off the 2018 Festival. Separate ticket required. 21+


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Closing Night: The Condor and the Eagle 

7:30pm :: Closing Night

Four Indigenous leaders embark on an extraordinary trans-continental adventure from the Canadian plains to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unite the peoples of North and South America and deepen the meaning of "Climate Justice". This film documents the stories of these four well-known Native environmental spokespeople who are at the forefront of a perspective shift in the identity of their people, from forgotten voices to strong shared communities with the power to bring change to the entire world. Their path through the jungle takes them on an unexpectedly challenging and liberating journey, which will forever change their attachment to the Earth and one another.

Expected Guests: Directors Sophie Guerra and Clément Guerra; film’s subjects Casey Camp-Horinek, Yudith Nieto, Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Bryan Parras.

9:30pm :: Closing Night Wrap Party

It’s a wrap! Join us on the Castro Mezzanine for our after-celebration with Festival filmmakers & special guests. Separate ticket required. 21+)