Behind The Scenes: Filmmaker Jennifer Galvin

Who isn't curious about what happens behind the scenes while making a film?

Galvin_shoots_Elwha_large.jpgHere's a sneak peak into the motivations and methods of Jennifer Galvin, the director of The Memory of Fish, which will be shown on Saturday, April 22, at 3 pm, in the Little Roxie.

Named as one of Good Magazine's 'The Good 100' in 2014, Dr. Galvin is spectacularly well-rounded.

Not only is she a film director, but also a public health and epidemiology doctor, an aquatic biologist, and a philanthropist. 

Dr. Galvin was gracious enough to take time away from her busy schedule to answer a few burning questions for us. 

The first question we asked Dr. Galvin was: What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

"I’m fueled by the maxim protect the vulnerable, especially when it comes to coastal places and coastal people.

This is why I earned a doctorate in public health.

But, working in academia wasn’t enough, personally or professionally.

I felt a serious need to leverage my understanding of science and all of the hard work I had access to globally.

As a scientist, storytelling was the tool I wanted to sharpen more.

After spending decades shaping research and practice, I learned that people remember other people and stories better than numbers.

And so, I used my background in public health and environmental science to inform my work in film."


What does storytelling look like in 2017?

 "Storytelling looks alive and courageous."


What is your favorite piece of film equipment?

"That depends. A favorite piece of equipment is situational and depends on when-where-why-how I am shooting, especially if I’m in the water.

In general, I’m always a big fan of fully charged batteries!"


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 Photo: Leah Hemberry Ricketts