Green Film Fest 2017 - Eat Well Series

There are so many stories hidden on our dinner plate - where the food came from, who made it, why we decided to eat it. 

And one thing we're particularly interested in is how we make nutritious food, delicious food. Food that's good for our health and the environment and available to everyone.

As part of our spotlight theme What’s on your plate? at Green Film Fest 2017, our Eat Well Series presents three films and discussions that focus on this intersection of food, health and the environment.

Our 2017 Eat Well Series is presented by Kaiser Permanente and Patagonia Provisions.



Theater of Life

Peter Svatek, Canada, 2016, 93 mins

Renowned chef Massimo Bottura - patron of the world's best restaurant - creates an extraordinary soup kitchen.

April 22, 5:45pm. Roxie
April 24, 7:00pm. David Brower Center



Can You Dig This

Delila Vallot, USA, 2015, 80 mins

Following four improbable gardeners as they join a movement that uproots the status quo in one of the most notorious places in the country: South L.A.

April 22, 8:30pm. Roxie



Food For Thought

Film Shorts & Discussion

A new take on food production - methods that restore our land, water and wildlife.

April 23, 12:45pm. Roxie