Director's Choice at Green Film Fest 2017

Each year, Festival Founder and CEO Rachel Caplan picks one film that she makes her Director's Choice. A film that she wants to make sure gets some special attention.

Here's her pick for 2017:


Mark Cousin’s unique Atomic: Living in Dread & Promise is my Director’s Choice for 2017.

The film offers a different vision from what one may think of as a typical ‘environmental documentary’. Created solely from archive footage, the film brings us a different story of the nuclear age, both haunting and dreamlike.

Over this is a stunning new score from Scottish post-rock band Mogwai, which we’ll be sure to turn up to 11.

I first met Mark Cousins when I was an intern at Edinburgh International Film Festival in 1997 and have been an avid fan of his films since then.

And of course, Mogwai hail from my homeland too. The two together are wonderful.

~ Rachel Caplan, Founder & CEO, San Francisco Green Film Festival

You can see Atomic: Living in Dread & Promise on April 21, 9pm at Roxie Theater. For tickets and more info...