Could you ride 324 miles in 5 days on 2 wheels?

Our amazing cycling team are training hard for California Climate Ride. They're nearly at their donation goal, but they need your help right now to get there by June 2.

Climate_Ride_team.jpgThey'll be cycling from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo - 324 miles in 5 days - to raise funds for Green Film Fest.

It's going to be a tough ride as they take on the ups and downs of this stunning stretch of Californian coastline.

A massive THANK YOU to our SF Green Film Fest team - Randy Wittorp, Maribel Guevara and Ivan Samuels - for your dedication!

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Randy (pictured left) is a lifelong environmentalist and joined Climate Ride because:

"Right now, it's more important than ever to work toward a sustainable and green future. So I'm doing my part to take action and promote sustainability issues".

Maribel (pictured middle) is a SF Green Film Festival Board Member taking on Climate Ride for the second year in a row to support the festival.

She hopes you will consider supporting this year, saying: "I truly believe in the power of film to inspire people to protect our environment, and this is the time to show up for it!"

Ivan (pictured right) is a seasoned participant in Climate Ride and supporter of SF Green Film Festival.

He told us: "This is my fourth Climate Ride, and I'm honored to ride this year for the SFGFF because of the diversity of powerful, thought-provoking films this festival brings to my home town of San Francisco"

We're so proud of what they're doing. They're not only supporting SF Green Film Festival, but also Climate Ride's efforts to raise awareness of sustainable solutions and active transportation advocacy.