Green Spotlight: Photography at Green Film Fest

The San Francisco Green Film Festival aims to provide as varied a program as possible, giving voice to a kaleidoscope of perspectives, styles, and stories.

Not only does Green Film Fest present an amazing assortment of green films, but we also recognize the importance and power of green still images.

This year, we are holding a pop-up art gallery at FestHQ (518 Valencia) featuring original photos and works for purchase from the Oakland-based Survival Media Agency.

Agency artists are renowned for their climate and protest coverage.


You can meet some of the artists who document the resistance at the Gallery Opening - 518 Valencia on Friday, April 21, at 7 pm. But, here's a sneak preview:

Sunshine Velasco 

Sunshine Velasco says that she is "a proud Oakland resident, I was born in the Philippines and grew up in Milpitas, California, daughter and granddaughter of Pilipino immigrants.

I am a queer-identified Pillipina who pushes social and political boundaries to convey images through portraits, fine art, and documentary projects.

My images evoke who you really are, the voice of your story, the different shades of your dreams, the truth of your everyday life.

The lens captures the voices of those who share their own experiences with me.

The raw, the grainy, the gritty.

The movement, the angle, the music.

I invite you to experience this beautiful journey, to see your reflection in my visions, to embody the fullness and richness of our lives, as I share my experience with you."

Sunshine's images have been featured in daily newspapers such Asian News and The Roundup-News, The Daily Californian, KQED, San Francisco Chronicle (print and digital) and the web outlet

Her work has been exhibited at galleries and other venues throughout the Bay Area.

Brooke Anderson

Brooke Anderson is a climate justice organizer and social movement photographer based in Oakland, CA.

She became involved in environmental justice at 17 years old when she helped shut down two toxic medical waste incinerators that were poisoning working class communities of color in her hometown in Champaign, IL.

Brooke then spent over a decade as a union and worker rights organizer, where she saw workers face disproportionate economic and ecological impacts of climate change.

In response, she founded a project called Climate Workers to build a grassroots labor movement for climate justice in the Bay Area.

Brooke has photographed countless climate justice actions – from the fracking fields of California’s Central Valley to the Peoples Climate March in NYC.

She is a proud union photographer and member of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, CWA Local 39521. 

Shadia Fayne Wood

Shadia is the Executive Producer of the Survival Media Agency and is media director and photographer.

She became an advocate for justice and the environment at an early age.

At seven she got involved in a campaign to address the cancer cluster in her community that was caused by toxic waste.

Though young, she spearheaded a successful eight-year campaign to pass state legislation to refinance the Superfund Program in New York State.

She is a recipient of the prestigious Yoshiyama Award and the Brower Youth Award from the Earth Island Institute.

Shadia worked for the Environmental Justice & Climate Change Initiative as the youngest Campaign Coordinator in the Energy Action Coalition.

She was featured in the 2007 Green Issue of Vanity Fair and is a recipient of Elle Magazine’s 2008 Green Awards.

Her photos have been featured in the New Yorker, the Boston Globe, MSNBC, and the front page of the Hufffington Post.

Find out more about the 2017 Green Film Fest, which takes place at the Castro Theatre, Roxie, and venues across the city.