Watch Again: Green Film Fest Award Winners 2016

This year there have been many award-worthy environmental documentaries. Telling stories that would otherwise go untold. So, if you're looking for some movies to watch, it can be hard to know where to start.

Here's an update on how to watch our Green Film Fest 2016 Award Winners

Be sure to add them to your watch-list for the holidays.


1) Best Feature Award - Catching The Sun (Shalini Kantayya, USA)  


Shalini brings a human face to the clean tech revolution. Trainees at a solar jobs program in Richmond, CA; Wally Jiang, a Chinese CEO; and SF Bay Area community activist Van Jones, are all facing the ups and downs of the emerging yet global race for a renewable future.

Available to watch online.


2) Best Short - Nature Rx (Justin Bogardus, USA)


The first in a series of spoof prescription drug commercials, Nature Rx offers a hearty dose of laughs and the outdoors.

Available to watch online.


3) Young Filmmaker - Escape Velocity, James Tralie, USA


From pollution, to landfills, to gray skies and alleyways covered in graffiti, James paints a sci-fi vision on the Earth and our means of escape.

Available to watch online.


4) Green Tenacity - Not Without Us, Mark Decena, USA


To the activists in Not Without Us, the Climate Agreement signed in Paris last year had a fatal flaw. And our President-elect just exposed it. Find out how governing bodies can only do so much, and how the rest will be up to all of us.

Available for community screenings.


5) Inspiring Lives - Virginia McKenna and the Born Free Foundation for Born Free 

Born_Free.jpgPhoto: ©1966 Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.

The first mainstream Hollywood conservation movie, Born Free - with it's tale of a lion's journey to freedom - continues to have a far-reaching impact today.

Available from the San Francisco Public Library


6) Audience Award - The Babushkas of Chernobyl, Holly Morris & Anne Bogart, USA


This film was first to sell-out at Green Film Fest 2016 and it lived up to the hype getting our audience award. This is a charming portrayal of the defiant community of women continuing to live within the toxic Chernobyl "Exclusion Zone".

Festival and community screenings.

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