2016 Green Film Fest - Watch Again

Want to catch a film from the 2016 Festival again? Here’s a rundown of where you can buy or see some of your favorites:

2016 Watch Again


An American Ascent

Find future screenings at www.anamericanascent.com

Come to our free Festival Encore screening of An American Ascent at SF Public Library on July 20. Read more...


The Anthropologist

Upcoming screenings: www.ironboundfilms.com/anthropologist-screenings


The Babushkas of Chernobyl

Upcoming screenings: thebabushkasofchernobyl.com/Screenings

Come to our Festival Encore screening of The Babushkas of Chernobyl at Roxie on July 10. Read more...


Born Free

Rent or buy this lion-hearted tale from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Born-Free-Virginia-McKenna


The Burden

Get the film on DVD: www.theburdenfilm.com/get_the_film


Catching the Sun

Watch on Netflix, or catch a future screening: www.catchingthesun.tv/seethefilm



Find upcoming screenings: containmentmovie.com/#screenings


Dear President Obama

Future screening dates: www.dearpresidentobama.com

Host your own house party on May 24, 2016, including a Live Chat with Mark Ruffalo



Find out about upcoming screenings and sign-up for news of the DVD release later this year: freightened.com/the-film/#seefilm


How To Let Go of the World (and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change)

Current on a 100 city tour in the US. Find film tour dates at: www.howtoletgomovie.com


I Am Chut Wutty

Buy the film online: www.amazon.com


Ice and the Sky

Buy online: www.justwatch.com/uk/movie/ice-and-the-sky


Not Without Us

Check our future screenings at: www.notwithoutusmovie.com/screenings


In Pursuit of Silence

Upcoming screenings: pursuitofsilence.com/screenings


Jumbo Wild

Watch online or find out about future screenings: www.patagonia.com/us/the-new-localism/Jumbo-Wild


Of the Sea

Find out about screenings and sign up to find out when the film will be available online: oftheseamovie.com/screenings


A River Between Us

Find screenings or buy the DVD at: www.ariverbetweenus.com/screenings


Saving Mes Aynak

Watch the film online or find out about upcoming screenings: www.savingmesaynak.com

Come to our free Festival Encore screening of Saving Mes Aynak at SF Public Library on October 5. Read more...


Sonic Sea

Watch the film on Discovery Channel this May, find a festival screening, or sign-up to host your own screening: hwww.sonicsea.org/screenings



Find out about future screenings: sunudoc.com/en/homepage


The True Cost

Now available on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon: truecostmovie.com


A selection of shorts form the 2016 Festival:

Still looking for something to watch? There's even more to explore in our Festival Film Archive...