Each year we pick an environmental theme for Green Film Fest to shine a light on a particularly timely and important issue.

We have a fantastic and diverse line-up of films for you at this year’s Green Film Fest and we’re excited to announce the theme which ties everything together: Keep It Wild. 

Born FreeThere's a huge variety of films covering an array of topics and subjects, but they all have a common thread - they inspire us to protect our planet, to preserve our wilderness. In short, to Keep It Wild.

With mass extinction and loss of wilderness all over the globe, it's time to take action. When we see, explore and enjoy the wildlife and wilderness around us, we know we're more likely to protect it.

We're thrilled to announce that our flagship film event will be a screening of Born Free, in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The film's star, Virginia McKenna, will attend the screening - her only visit to the US as part of the anniversary celebrations.

This is a huge moment for us. Born Free was the first mainstream Hollywood film to spotlight a conservation issue, and it not only inspired the audience who watched it at the time, but it has inspired every generation since too. As Festival founder Rachel Caplan described it, this is the "mother-of-all-cat-videos" that captured the world's imagination long before YouTube was thought of.

We'll Keep It Wild throughout the Festival week with films, workshops and panels that will take you on an adventure.

From the highest mountain tops, to the deepest forests, and the parks in between, we're bringing you characters that are taking on fierce battles and beautiful adventures to protect their bit of wild and prove the outdoors is for everyone.

We can't wait to inspire more people to protect our wild places. Share your reactions to the films with the hashtags #greenfilm and #keepitwild.

More announcements for Green Film Fest Members coming soon and the full program details will be available March 16.

Don't forget - Members will get film & guest announcements first, invitations to the March 16 Program Announcement Party and a pre-sale on Opening & Closing Night tickets.

See you at the movies!


Photo at top from Born Free © 1966 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.