SF Green Film Festival Highlights 2016

What a year. We've been looking back at our 2016 programs and wanted to share with you some of our milestones.

These are the moments that bring a smile to our face and inspire us to do even more in 2017.

Were you at any of these events? We would love to hear your stories and favorite moments.

Thank you for being a part of our eco-savvy, movie loving community! 


In no particular order, here are our highlights of 2016:

1) Opening Night at the Castro Theatre


We knew it was going to be exciting to have our first show at the historic Castro Theatre, but we were overwhelmed when more than 700 people packed the theatre for the SF Premiere of Josh Fox's new climate change film How To Let Go Of The World (And Love All The Things Climate Can't Change).


2) The Babushkas of Chernobyl at Green Film Fest 2016


This was a sell-out show and the film met the hype by winning our Green Film Fest Audience Award. This film about a defiant community of women continuing to live in the toxic Chernobyl "Exclusion Zone" won all of our hearts.

It's still touring Festivals and community screenings, if you missed be sure to check it out.


3) Reel Stories: Youth Filmmaker Workshop


We teamed up with The Mix at SFPL for our very first green youth filmmaker workshop. Teens learned how to write, shoot and edit a film and the results were screened at Green Film Fest 2016.

We were amazed what they could produce in only a few hours! Take a look our YouTube.


4) Green Pledges

If you've been to a Green Film Fest event, you've probably had our Green Speak Out team grab you as you leave the theater. They're trying to capture all your ideas and actions that the films have inspired.

Over 100 of you made a Green Pledge this year, and here's a couple that caught my eye...



5) Born Free and Virginia McKenna


I grew up watching Born Free. The first mainstream Hollywood film about conservation, the tale about a Lion's journey to freedom was a staple on British family televisions.  

So it was an absolute delight to bring the film and the star Virginia McKenna to San Francisco for the 50th Anniversary Screening. At the end of the show there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


6) Encore Series with Greenstacks Program


We've had a regular film screening slot at San Francisco Public Library for the last five years. This year we've been able to bring back even more Green Film Fest favorites - like Not Without Us pictured here - for free screenings as part of the Greenstacks Program.

Our Encore Series keeps rolling throughout the year and we've already started scheduling our 2017 program, with sustainable seafood film Of The Sea on January 25.


7) Members Special Screening & Party


It was wonderful to share a drink and a film with our Green Film Fest Members at our special screening of When Two Worlds Collide back in September.

The film showed the devastating consequences of crude oil on indigenous communities and Amazon Watch campaigners were on hand to share more information on their #EndAmazonCrude campaign.


8) Our Volunteer Team


We have over 40 volunteers giving their time, skills and experience in all aspects of event production, marketing and fundraising making this all come together. And of course we have many more at the theaters welcoming our attendees.

We simply couldn't do it without them!