Got Something Green to Say? Speak Out Now!

If you’re a regular at the San Francisco Green Film Festival, you’re probably familiar with the Video Story Booth. I’ve womaned the booth for the past four Festivals, inviting attendees to share their reactions to the films they've seen as they come out of the Green Film Fest theater.

As times have changed, so has the booth. This year we’re updating our name from Video Story Booth to Green Speak Out, reflecting something that has always been part of this endeavor - getting people to share their views.



What is Green Speak Out?

Green Speak Out is an opportunity to share your experiences at Green Film Fest, your opinions on specific films, and your fears, hopes, and dreams for a better -- greener -- future.

We think it’s important to give our Festival attendees an opportunity to make their voices heard and to, well, speak out. Appearing in a video is one way you can make a difference. It takes less than five minutes, but has a big impact.


Why Have a Green Speak Out?

Our Instagram and YouTube videos are a fantastic way to help tell the Festival’s story. We video many of our attendees, including audience members, filmmakers, funders, and sponsors. Everyone has a chance to say how they think Green Film Fest makes a difference, and why they have set aside time to watch films about the environment, attend panels, and discuss these issues with friends, family, and even colleagues.

We use our Instagram videos in real time during the festival to build buzz, get people to come experience the festival, and encourage people to keep talking about green issues. We share our videos across all our social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Filmmakers share why they make the films they do, partners and sponsors say why they support the festival, and audience members express the sorrow, joy, despair, triumph, and inspiration to take action that they feel as a result of the incredible films they view.

Off season, we use the videos to keep telling our story. Everyone likes to hear how audiences are loving the films, learning about green issues, and finding new ways to make a difference. The videos are a way to grow our audience and partner with people and organizations who value the environment and are working hard to make a difference.

You know how the saying goes: a picture is worth a 1,000 words -- so you can just imagine the difference even one video can make. Typically, we produce at least thirty per Festival. And we couldn’t do it without you, the Festival audience.


How Do I Get Involved with Green Speak Out?

At this year’s Festival, you’ll find digital marketer Anna Colibri (that’s me!) at the following films and events:

Thursday, April 14 (Castro Theatre)

6:00pm: Opening Night Reception & Premiere: How To Let Go Of The World (and love all the things climate can’t change)


Friday, April 15 (Roxie Theater)

6:30pm: Jumbo Wild


Saturday, April 16 (Roxie Theater)

3:30pm: An Acquired Taste

5:45pm: FREIGHTENED - The Real Price of Shipping

8:30pm: Catching The Sun


Sunday, April 17 (Roxie Theater)

3:30pm: Of The Sea

5:30pm: Dear President Obama

8:30pm: An American Ascent


Tuesday, April 19 (Roxie Theater)

6:30pm: The Anthropologist


Wednesday: April 20 (Castro Theatre)

5:30pm: 50th Anniversary Screening Born Free

9:00pm: Not Without Us


You can reach out ahead of time to let me know (anna [at] you’d like to be in a video or find me on site at the venue. Don’t be shy -- I would love to have an opportunity to hear and share what you have to say!

Explore more of the films and events at 2016 Green Film Fest, April 14 - 20.