Green Spotlight: Films From Around The World

International Films

The 2016 Green Film Fest may take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, but the program will transport audiences around the world, and feature works that show us how connected we all are.

From feature length documentaries to animated shorts, the green issues from around the globe take the spotlight in films at the Festival, emphasizing the importance of cooperation as we all strive to take care of our shared home, this planet. 

Many of the filmmakers will also be in attendance at the Festival, bringing an international perspective to the events and dialogues that come up in our own local green community. 

International Highlights

H2Omx (dir. José Cohen) explores the complex water situation in the Valley of Mexico, and looks to collective action as a solution for Mexico City’s continual battle for access to water. In person: José Cohen

FREIGHTENED - The Real Price of Shipping (dir. Denis Delestrac) French filmmaker, Denis Delestrac, travels the oceans in this audacious investigation that reveals the mechanics and perils of freight shipping. In person: Denis Delestrac.

Behemoth (Bei Xi Mo Shou) (dir. Zhao Liang) The Chinese mining industry has devastating effects on people and nature, creating something more akin to Dante's Hell than intended.

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A Selection of Global Shorts

Defendant 5 (dir. Heidi Lee Douglas), from Australia, shows the plight of a young filmmaker who documents the destruction of ancient forests in Tasmania, and is subsequently swept up in a multi-million dollar legal battle that challenges the right to free speech. 

Serious Deadly Silence (dir. Sara Koppel), a short film from Denmark, is a poignant look at 60 endangered species, all in one minute. 

La Botanique Des Amours (dir. Anne-Sophie Cayon) coming to us from Belgium, invites audiences to take a deep breath in a world of vegetal lust, as it asks “Who says that plants don’t have feelings?”

The animated short Kidchup (dir. Carolina Giannini Veirano), made in Brazil, looks at food waste with a story of Kidchup — the “fastest tomato in the West” — who must defeat the evil garbage to save his beloved Rabaneide.


~ Ambika Jain, SF Green Film Festival Board Member

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Photo credits: Behemoth; FREIGHTENED; H20mx