2016 Green Film Fest Awards


Best Feature: Catching The Sun

Shalini Kantayya, USA, 2015, 75 min 

Trainees on a solar jobs program in Richmond, CA, and community activist Van Jones find themselves at the forefront of the emerging solar-powered world.



Best Short: Nature Rx

Justin Bogardus, USA, 2015, 1 min

A friendly reminder to us Earthly inhabitants of what feels good and what is worth protecting once we take an adventure outdoors.



Inspiring Lives: Virginia McKenna for Born Free

Elsa the Lioness has captured hearts around the globe, not least inspiring star Virginia McKenna’s Born Free Foundation, dedicated to protecting these majestic animals.



Green Tenacity: Not Without Us

Mark Decena, USA, 2014, 90 min

This timely documentary follows seven grassroots activists to the UN climate talks in Paris and asks what kind of climate deal has been adopted.



Young Filmmaker: Escape Velocity

James Tralie, USA, 2015, 4 min

A young boy struggles to find beauty in the world around him. He wants to escape from Earth and travel to the far reaches of the beautiful universe.


Babushkas_of_Chernobyl__The.jpgAudience Award: The Babushkas of Chernobyl

Holly Morris & Jane Bogart, USA, 2015, 72 min

To us it may be a radioactive "Exclusion Zone" to them it's their ancestral homeland. In this remarkable tale, a defiant community of women scratch out an existence on Chernobyl's toxic land. 

Award Sponsors 

Thank you, to Smith l Allen for 3D printing our awards using recycled wood & to Friends of the Urban Forest for naming a tree in honor of the Audience Award winner.