What About Water?

What_About_Water_01_-_WEB.jpgFor drought-stricken California, What About Water? should be the big question on everyone's mind.

It is also the apt title of one Festival film - part of a group of films that all give us a stark new perspective on our relationship with water.

In the case of What About Water? (May 31) we get the point of view of people in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point as we face up to what it means to live with less water.

This message rings loud and clear in Dry Season (May 29) where we see the daily water reality in Wilits, a northern Californian town suffering its worst drought in 500 years.

But despite the ongoing warnings for us to conserve, wasteful practices continue. A startling truth in A Dangerous Game (May 30) where we follow the impact globally of luxury golf developments. This sequel to You've Been Trumped takes these questions straight to Trump himself.

And we're also continuing to see  investigations into water pollution - from industry wastewater spans the globe - from Mexico in Silent River to Taiwan in the film Black (both screened June 1)

There is a clear tension between water demand and supply in these films.  

Yet, through every single one of these stories, we see people that stand up and make sure that something is being done about it. There is someone at the heart of each film that will make a difference. 

It's clear that every drop counts. Take a look at our water themed films.


Ke Chin-Yuan, Taiwan, 2014

There is an increasing tension in Taiwan between industry and agriculture as wastewater pollution contaminates the rice fields. Screens with Silent River.

Monday, June 1, 8.15pm at Little Roxie. Tickets.



A_Dangerous_Game_-_Trump_Jnr__Bedminster__US_-_WEB.jpgA Dangerous Game

Anthony Baxter, UK, 2014

Rapacious developers are using golf as a smokescreen to build massive luxury resorts that end up costing the earth. Followed by discussion with Anthony Baxter.

Saturday, May 30, 7pm at Little Roxie. Tickets


Dry_Season_02_-_WEB.jpgDry Season

Max Good and Tyler Trumbo, USA, 2014

An eclectic Northern California town faces an uncertain future as the state suffers through its worst drought in 500 years. 

Screens with Racing to Zero, Friday, May 29, 8.30pm at Roxie. Tickets.


Divide_in_Concord_01_-_WEB.jpgDivide in Concord

Kris Kaczor, USA, 2014

Follow the entertaining tale of banning bottled water in small town America. A story of revolution and dedication as one community makes history. Followed by discussion with Kris Kaczor.

Sunday, May 31, 8.30pm at Roxie. Tickets


Oil___Water_-_Hugo_Lucitante_and_David_Poritz_see_signs_of_oil_development_in_Ecuador__-_WEB.jpgOil & Water

Francine Strickwerda and Laurel Spellman Smith, USA / Ecuador, 2014

Hugo and David were born on opposite ends of the oil pipeline. Both want to protect the Amazon from the devastation of oil. Followed by discussion with Francine Strickwerda.

Friday, May 29, 6pm at Roxie. Tickets.



Jolynn Minnaar, South Africa / USA / Canada, 2014

A young South African swallows her optimism on fracking in her Karoo hometown and sets out to uncover the hidden truths of the gas industry. Followed by discussion with Jolynn Minnaar (via Skype).

Monday, June 1, 6pm at Roxie. Tickets



What_About_Water_01_-_WEB.jpgWhat About Water? 

Alyssa Hailemariam/BAYCAT, USA, 2015

A documentary produced by BAYCAT interns that examines the relationship between water and the Bayview Hunters Point community. 

Screens in the Changing Cities Program, Sunday, May 31, 12:30pm at Roxie. Tickets.