Road to Paris - Climate Change at SFGFF

We're on the brink of getting a meaningful global climate commitment with the climate change talks at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris this December. To set us on the Road to Paris, at the Festival we will have films about people on the frontline of climate change reality and action.

For many, climate change is already here, as you'll see in Festival film ThuleTuvalu (June 1). But we're not sitting idly by, as you'll see in films Oil & Water (May 29), Unearthed (June 1) and Racing Extinction (June 3). 

We can all raise our voice for climate action. Read more about the films >>

ThuleTuvalu_01-_WEB_(1).jpg ThuleTuvalu

Film Spotlight: Racing to Zero
Friday, May 29, 8:30pm at the Roxie Theater


Mayor Ed Lee pledged that San Francisco would reach zero waste by 2020. Can we do it? 

Join us at the San Francisco Premiere of Racing to Zero and go behind the scenes and meet the inventive & enthusiastic characters across the city who are turning trash into resources. The city already recycles, composts and reuses a huge 80% of its garbage. But there’s more to do. This film presents an inspiring blueprint for change across America.

Followed by discussion with: Christopher Beaver, director; Diana Fuller, producer; and guests from the film.

Sponsored by: Wells Fargo

Racing_to_Zero_-_Robert_Shaffer_Holds_Soil_-_WEB_(1).jpgRacing to Zero

Film Spotlight: Changing Cities Program
Sunday, May 31, 12:30pm at the Roxie Theater


Our cities are growing fast. At their best, cities are hubs for innovation, commerce, culture and environmental sustainability. The Bay Area is seeing its own growth spurt and these films uncover stories of environmental change and community power here in San Francisco and Oakland.

Shorts Program: Not Just a Tree // Oak & Scott: Pausing at High Speed // Full Circle // What about Water? // Our Power // Beyond Recognition (Winner of SFGFF 2015 Best Short Award)

We'll also be joined by filmmakers for a conversation about the future of the Bay Area.