Behind the Scenes: Filmmaker Gail Mallimson

Gail MallimsonWe're always excited to meet filmmakers that are new to the Festival this year and to get a glimpse behind the scenes filming with our directors.

In the first of this series, we caught up with local filmmaker Gail Mallimson (pictured), whose beautiful film The Edge of the Wild will have its World Premiere at the 5th SF Green Film Festival, May 28-June 3.

We started by asking Gail for her favorite camera or film equipment. Here she tells us more about that and her passion for environmental filmmaking."My favorite piece of film equipment is my trusty 17" Macbook Pro computer! I love the editing part of filmmaking, and my computer has served me well in that.

I am inspired to make environmental films because film is a great tool to illustrate the beautiful complexity of nature. It can capture the intimacy of looking at a small butterfly and the awe of observing a large vista, drawing audiences in and helping them to fall in love with our world. I believe this helps us to grasp the importance of preserving biodiversity and natural habitats, as one is most compelled to save what one loves.

The Edge of the WildThere are many environmental changes I'd like to see happen by 2020, including the transformation of our energy structure from fossil fuels to renewables, the reversal of biodiversity decline and species die-off, and the preservation rather than violation of natural resources.

However, I think what has to happen first is for humanity to evolve and to develop a true love and respect for the natural world and for each other. Until we begin to honor the earth as a living organism and to respect each other in a truly heartfelt way, our actions will not gain the global momentum that is needed to cure the societal diseases that are the foundation for the destruction of each other and the planet."

The full festival program will be announced April 28. Get your tickets for The Edge of the Wild then.