2015 Ninth Street Filmmaker Residencies announced

Ninth Street IFCThank you to all who applied for to the Ninth Street Independent Film Center's Media Arts Incubator Program, a 12-month filmmaker residency funded by the San Francisco Film Commission. We are particularly thrilled to welcome Bay Area filmmakers Sasha Friedlander and Cynthia Wade on to the program and look forward to supporting their film Mudflow in the coming year. 

Currently in production, Mudflow follows Indonesia's recent Presidential election, set against the backdrop of one of the larger man-made environmental disasters in recent history - the Lapindo mud catastrophe in East Java, Indonesia. The film raises an array of complex and difficult questions about justice, democracy and under-regulated corporate greed, all critical questions of our time.

Congrats Sasha and Cynthia and welcome to all of this year's new residents!