Behind the scenes with festival filmmakers: Mark Decena and Kevin White

Here, in the latest in our series of posts that go behind the scenes with the Festival's film directors, we meet two filmmakers with a passion for the great outdoors. We had a simple question, can you send us a photo of yourself with your favorite piece of film kit. Of course, we received some stunning photos in return and some surprising answers. At this year's Festival we're thrilled to be screening shorts from both of these local filmmakers, Mark Decena and Kevin White

Mark DecenaFrom Mark Decena, we will be showing Our Power: Black Mesa, Arizona.

This short film follows the Navajo people in Black Mesa, Arizona who are taking matters into their own hands, to generate "energy without pollution".

We asked Mark what his favorite equipment was and he told us it was his red hat. Why? Well, so his crew can always find him. He said "The Canon 5D isn't bad either." Mark says that he makes green films because: "It's time to stop hitting the snooze button".

See Mark's film Watershed in a free screening at the SF Public Library on Earth Day, April 22, and short film Our Power: Black Mesa, Arizona at the 4th San Francisco Green Film Festival on Tuesday, June 2 at 8:15 PM with Uranium Drive-In.


We will be screening Return Flight, by Kevin White, a film chronicling the restoration of the bald eagle in Southern California. Here you can see Kevin, shooting in the Salmon River watershed in Northern California.

Kevin told us that "Without exception one of the best benefits of making an environmentally themed film is the opportunity to be outdoors." Something you can't deny in this beautiful shot.

Kevin's film Return Flight shows at the 4th San Francisco Green Film Festival on Friday, May 30 at 6:00 PM at the Roxie Theater with Emptying the Skies.


Kevin White