Behind the scenes with festival filmmakers: Marcy Cravat, 'Angel Azul'

Angel Azul AmyWe're excited to have many local filmmakers in this year's Festival and wanted to get a glimpse of behind the scenes filming from our directors.

In the first of this series, we caught up with local filmmaker Marcy Cravat, whose beautiful film Angel Azul will have its San Francisco Premiere at the 4th SF Green Film Festival. We asked Marcy for a photo of her favorite camera or film equipment and received a surprising answer. For a start she names her cameras, and her most valuable piece of equipment is her sound guy! Here she tells us more:

"Setting off to film Angel Azul happened rather abruptly. My daughter phoned one late afternoon and said, "Mom? You’ve got to check this out! I think you should do a documentary on this guy." So I navigated to Jason deCaires Taylor's website and was blown away! His photos were so hauntingly beautiful.

Within 15 minutes I was on the phone with this complete stranger and by the end of our conversation he'd agreed to do it. He informed me that he was soon to begin casting a statue of an angel, and that her wings would be made from live fan coral. I knew I had to get things together quickly and get down to Mexico, so I purchased a new camera and named her Amy; she is of the Panasonic breed, an AF100 to be precise.

Marcy Cravat SoundI needed a sound guy, so I phoned John Bennett whom I'd met on the set of All About Evil and he started packing his kit.

We took off for Mexico in the dead heat of a tropical Yucatán summer and arrived to Jason's bodega (workshop) with our full crew of two. IT WAS HOT! Amy kept slipping out of my hands, and John was a little worried about the humidity impacting his equipment, but somehow in the overgrown thicket replete with mosquitoes and an occasional tabino fly, we managed and had a GREAT time.

My most valuable piece of equipment? My sound guy who never stopped making me laugh. Even when I was a grump he could make me laugh. And we have state of the art sound!"

What is your favorite camera, kit, or team member? Share with us on our our Facebook page or Twitter @sfgreenfilmfest.

See Angel Azul at the 4th San Francisco Green Film Festival on Tuesday, June 2 at 6:00 PM at the Roxie Theater.