San Francisco Premiere: FUTURE OF HOPE

Wed 03.07 // 5:30 PM SF Film Society Cinema, 1748 Post St. FUTURE OF HOPE Henry Bateman UK/Iceland, 2010, 75 min. San Francisco Premiere. Buy Tickets Future of HopeIn 2008, Iceland’s entire banking system collapsed in the wake of the global financial crisis. As a consequence, the country’s economic and political systems were shaken to their core. Future of Hope tells the story of how a cross-section of Icelandic society decided to use the crisis as an opportunity to reconsider the country’s economic development path. Featuring imaginative use of animation, a killer soundtrack (featuring artists from Iceland, Ireland, and the UK, including Damien Rice), and Iceland’s ruggedly beautiful landscape, the film chronicles a grassroots movement determined to reinvent the Icelandic society and economy around the principles of sustainable development. Can organic farming, renewable energy, and green technology be the anchors of a new economy? Can a country with the oldest sitting parliament reinvent its model of democracy to create greater transparency and more accountability? With the emergence of the Occupy movement and the teetering of the Euro-zone economies, the issues being debated in Iceland’s parliament and on the streets of Reykjavik are now finally part of a global conversation. Filmed in 2010, the Future of Hope is in some ways prescient and tells a remarkable story of collapse, recovery, redemption, and reinvention to which the rest of the world should pay attention. - Mark Valentine Preceded by: National Parks Project: Sirmilik, Zacharias Kunuk, Canada, 2011, 10 mins. Screening sponsored by New Resource Bank and Presidio Graduate School. Co-presented with the Business Council on Climate Change [BC3].