West Coast premiere of Werner Herzog’s new feature doc HAPPY PEOPLE 3.6.11

Happy People - A Year in the TaigaJoin us at the 1st San Francisco Green Film Festival, March 3-6, 2011 for the West Coast premiere of Werner Herzog's feature documentary HAPPY PEOPLE: A YEAR IN THE TAIGA, the film that Variety calls "a mesmerizing "Walden"-like ode to wilderness life... Herzog's philosophical narration -- enchanted by this outpost free from phones, taxes and all the trappings of modern life -- elevates "Happy People" above most nature docs." (read full review). Herzog teams with director Dmitry Vasyukov for this observant look at life along the river Yenisei in northern Russia, where the industrious inhabitants of a rural village truly live off the land. With virtually no interference from the modern world -- and no taxes or government to regulate their behavior -- the happy residents of Bakhta preserve their increasingly rare society. The film screened at the 2010 Telluride Film Festival and this will be its first screening on the West Coast.

Happy People - Promo May 14, 2010 from Kay Mode on Vimeo.