Help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary

The clock is ticking. 

Climate change is devastating communities around the globe. 

Join us to amplify untold stories from the frontlines before time runs out. Together, we can inform, inspire, and ignite change.  

As climate-related disasters are becoming more frequent and intense, it’s harder and harder for stubborn policy makers and dirty corporations to deny the facts: the #1 threat to the planet is business-as-usual politics that promote environmental destruction.

Our forests are burning at unprecedented rates. Animals are going extinct. Extreme weather events—from hurricanes and floods to drought and wildfires—are devastating vulnerable communities. Cities are becoming more polluted. Carbon emissions are on the rise. And the current administration is making everything worse.

The forums for telling these stories are more important than ever. The San Francisco Green Film Festival brings tales of the most pressing climate challenges to our audiences, so that we can find community-driven solutions together. 

To keep our programs accessible to all, we need to raise $10,000 by December 31. 

Will you help us reach our goal?

This year, our members brought 68 films from 22 countries to the Bay Area, exposing some of the most pressing environmental issues we face, from the global housing crisis to alarming losses of biodiversity and habitat. Members amplified the voices of filmmakers and the stories they tell. They put a spotlight on solutions. And our members helped us pair each story with action opportunities, so that inspired audiences could put what they’ve learned into action and do something about it.

Today, the Festival is counting on you to make a year-end gift to continue our programming in 2020 (our 10th anniversary). 

Our board of directors is so committed to amplifying these stories that they have pledged to match all gifts up to $10,000 received between now and December 31. 

The gift you make today will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling your impact!

The San Francisco Green Film Festival is dedicated to lifting up the voices of the people being directly affected by the climate crisis and the filmmakers who tell their stories.

But we can’t do it without your help.

Ensuring that all communities have access to these programs, regardless of their socioeconomic status, so that every voice can be heard is imperative to the environmental movement. 

Less than 15% of our revenue comes from ticket sales—and our prices don’t reflect the rising costs of running the Festival in San Francisco. In order to keep our programs accessible to all, we need your help.

Your contribution will help filmmakers from around the world connect audiences to the heart of the most urgent environmental issues facing the planet. 

For real systemic change to occur, solutions to these problems must focus on equity and inclusion, giving diverse voices and perspectives a platform.

Mossville: When Great Trees Fall tells the story of a man who refuses to give up his Louisiana home, even though his centuries-old black community is being destroyed and contaminated by South African chemical company Sasol’s massive new plant.

His story, told with respect and agency, cuts to the core of environmental justice issues: an equitable future is possible only if we can implement solutions that address systemic injustice faced by communities on the frontlines. 

Help us bring these critical perspectives and stories to the Bay Area with your contribution today. 

Direct exposure to stories from those fighting on the frontlines inspires Green Film Festival audiences to take action in their own Bay Area communities. 

Stories like those presented in Inventing Tomorrow, which documents the experiences of passionate teenage innovators from around the globe who are creating cutting-edge solutions to environmental threats in their own backyards: Sahithi takes water samples from contaminated lakes near her home in India; Jared digs up dirt in a public park in Hawaii; Nuha and Intan board illegal pirate mining ships in Indonesia. As they compare the past to the stark reality of the world they’re inheriting, these teenage scientists focus on the solutions that can save their homes, and they refuse to give up. 

Your contribution gives a voice to the people and communities most affected by environmental challenges.

Your donation fuels a movement that is bigger than movies.

Your support amplifies the on-the-ground stories of real people who are affected by climate change and struggling to live—and to fight the good fight. You connect people to these pressing issues by contributing to filmmaking that focuses on social justice and lifts up the voices of the participants. 

Your contribution connects audiences to the heart of the most urgent environmental issues and to the people fighting for justice. 

Please take a moment to make your gift today to help filmmakers from around the world connect audiences to today’s most urgent environmental issues. 

Thank you for making all the difference.

Please send your contribution today. Your contribution will amplify the voices of people and communities most directly affected by environmental challenges, and connect audiences to their stories.

Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar until December 31!