Green Film Guide: First 100 Days - Complete List of Films

We set out to create a film-lover's guide to taking environmental action in the first 100 days of the new White House administration.

First 100 Days

One hundred days later and there is still work to do, but the films have given us the strength and guidance to pick our environmental campaigns and take action.

These films are a good foundation at anytime to arm you with the knowledge, ideas and inspiration to take on the biggest environmental hurdles.

Here's our complete list of twenty films for the First 100 Days: Green Film Guide...

  1. You’ve Been Trumped (available on iTunes & YouTube)
  2. Black Ice (available online)
  3. Future of Hope (available online)
  4. Dear President Obama (available online)
  5. Bidder 70 (available on youtube)
  6. Merchants of Doubt 
  7. Racing Extinction (available online)
  8. Big Boys Gone Bananas (available online)
  9. Chasing Ice (available online)
  10. The Island President (available on iTunes)
  11. Wrenched (available online)
  12. Catching The Sun (available online)
  13. How To Let Go Of The World (And Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change) (available online)
  14. The Age of Consequences (latest screenings)
  15. ATOMIC: Living in Dread and Promise (latest screenings)
  16. Dark Circle (buy dvd)
  17. RISE: Standing Rock (available online)
  18. Tidewater (more info)
  19. Women's March (more info)
  20. You've Been Trumped Too (latest screenings)