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box_office.pngGreen Film Fest 2017: April 20-26

Join us for another week of new & compelling environmental films & filmmakers that spark green ideas. Explore our full line-up of over 70 films and more than 90 visiting filmmakers & guests.

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  • Latest from the blog


    Green Spotlight: Women at the Helm

    The San Francisco Green Film Festival aims to provide as varied a program as possible, giving voice to filmmakers with a kaleidoscope of perspectives, styles, and stories.

    Women make up only about a third of today's documentary directors, and are thus still underrepresented in the field.

    This year, Green Film Fest 2017 has adopted a new way to celebrate films made by women - as well as films that have significant onscreen female characters.

    And that is by stamping them 'F Rated'.

    Films with a female director, writer, or on-screen presence will be rated 'F', films with two of these components will be 'Double F', and those with all three are 'Triple F'. 

    The 'F Rated' movement, was started a few years ago in the UK as a way to champion women in film, and we are delighted to join in the conversation, encouraging you to think about who is telling the stories you see on screen.

    We are proud of the tenacity and creativity of our own female filmmakers, and are impressed by the myriad ways they have come to their craft.

    Here is a closer look at four of the women who helm 2017 festival feature films.


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    F-Rated at Green Film Fest

    San Francisco Green Film Festival is introducing an F-Rating to all our film screenings. The new rating is designed to support and promote women and redress the imbalance in the film industry.

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    Green Film Fest 2017 - Eat Well Series

    There are so many stories hidden on our dinner plate - where the food came from, who made it, why we decided to eat it. 

    And one thing we're particularly interested in is how we make nutritious food, delicious food. Food that's good for our health and the environment and available to everyone.

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    Announcing Green Film Fest 2017

    Green Film Fest 2017

    MEDIA RELEASE: San Francisco Green Film Festival Announces Line-Up For Seventh Edition, April 20 - 26, 2017

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